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Plastic seals are mainly used in logistics and transportation, container blockades, truck blockade, customs seals. Plastic seal above can be printed on customer demand the company name, LOGO, serial number, etc., may play Anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting and other effects.
Plastic seals Material: high quality plastic flame PP.PA, good insulation, not aging, acid corrosion resistance, good toughness.
Plastic seals use: can be printed on a label affixed to the unit or the content, date, along number, bar code and other needs, the role of the blockade, this seal is a one-time, after pulling will leave traces, each are available Print only the number of water! After you have finished using once again can not be used! Leak sealed to prevent the theft of a great effect !!
Scope: finance, department stores, power, petrochemical, shipping, logistics and other industries confidentiality purposes. Signs can be printed on the various needs of different customer needs units, serial number and other content
Plastic seals Features: Tie front end features a blank label, available in the above signs marking pen.
Domain Extension plastic seals factory welcome customers to come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

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