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Plastic seals, wire seals in the direction of development

With the rapid development of economy, traffic gradually increased, while the value of the goods is also increasing. The market for plastic seals, wire seals the demand is constantly increasing, Speaking before a first impression people Seals Seals handwritten paper, many transportation companies and packaging company plastic seals, wire seals have to reuse plastic closures Bars, wire seals not only bring convenience to people but also to our staff work more standardized processes; thus do to ensure the safety of property and promote social harmony. Currently Biography Lead lock system (ie railway Seals) has been difficult to meet the needs of the transport of goods on cargo security regulation. Has many deficiencies:
1, Shi Feng, custody and registration are hand work, the error rate is high.
2, check only by persons or cargo by freight car inspectors, one by one on-site inspection, low operating efficiency.
3, marking only the limitations described, Shi Feng station (or a dedicated line)
and title, can not provide, such as blockade number, company logo and other specific information.
4, only manual inspection, can not be automated, modernization, management checks behind.
5, can not make the owner or the upper management of key goods, Shi Feng state were the focus of the vehicle, unable to grasp the real-time status of goods, can not provide timely Logistics information.